12 Personalities; 12 Attitudes; 12 Fragrances
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Scents of the Zodiac
Roll-on perfume inspired by the star signs

Sometimes we could all use a bit of inspiration. Scents of the Zodiac brings you twelve uplifting, delightful perfumes inspired by the dazzlingly unique personality traits of the star signs. They’re perfumes designed to invigorate your senses and get you into the perfect state of mind - whatever it is you want to do!

Choose your inspiration and let yourself be guided by the essence of the star signs.

Apply anywhere you would apply perfume.

Happy Birthday Cancer!
June 21 – July 22
You wear your heart on your sleeve and trust the people closest to you to protect it. You believe loyalty and support are the foundation of any meaningful relationship, be it romantic or platonic. You value closeness and connections and draw strength from your family and friends. You are most encouraging and attentive when it comes to the feelings and aspirations of those you care about. You let your emotion take the wheel but you are aware of yourself. You are highly sensitive and empathetic and because of this you understand people and relate easily to those around you. You have great intuition and should trust it to guide you. You think before you act and once you’ve committed to something it is not easy to let it go. With your sensitivity, ambition and instinct working together nothing is insurmountable. When you are feeling out of sorts roll on your sign’s Harmony blend and let everything synchronize.